Perlustrating Asseverations: Evolution

Where's Gnarckror?

The theory of evolution isn’t complete, what about missing links? Creationists and advocates of the theory of intelligent design (also known as “ID” or “creationism”) claim that scientists can’t account for the missing links between species and their ancestors. Researchers keep discovering new, intermediate species, but creationists point out that there is then a gap…
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Perlustrating Asseverations: Discrimination

He's standing behind me isn't he?

“You should avoid discrimination when hiring people” There is an assumed opinion that one should not discriminate against people based on their gender, race or beliefs when hiring new people for a job. The idea being that one’s biological, ethnic and intellectual characteristics should not dictate one’s future, be it in their personal or professional…
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Perlustrating Asseverations: Karma

Shakshi eat your heart out.

“I reckon karma’s definitely real” Karma, in the contemporary West, is often defined as a belief which holds that: what goes around, comes around. Evidence for karma can be found in the fleeting moments when people find that when they feed someone else’s parking metre or hold a door open for an elderly person, that a…
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Perlustrating Asseverations: Socialism

Have you even heard of "sunk costs"?

“Socialism just hasn’t been done right yet.” Socialism can be broadly defined as an approach to politics and economics which favours the production of goods for the good of society as a whole; it locates the ills of society in the acquisitive goal of private property, the chaos of the free market and the harmful…
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Perlustrating Asseverations: Love

I'm cold

“There is a soulmate out there for me.” The concept of the “soulmate” is well known and all but ubiquitous in modern culture. But can this actually be true? Soulmates must be paired, if not and if love is distributed randomly in a non-reciprocal way, everyone would be attracted to someone who is attracted to…
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Perlustrating Asseverations: Extrapolation

So THAT's what that button did.

“Proving statements wrong by extrapolating them to extremes is an ironic way to disprove silly beliefs.” Ideas are often argued against by extrapolating them to serious, damaging conclusions. For instance: if you allow two men to be married, then eventually you’d have to allow polygamous marriage, then bestial marriage — these worrying endpoints, when contrasted…
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