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Left, Right and Centre

Over the summer of 2012-13 Jamie produced a concept show for 2XX FM in Canberra. Each week a pair of guests from the same political orientation discussed a big political-philosophical idea. We tried to avoid doing a panel show where people sling mud and score points; we tried instead to create the tone of an interesting conversation at a pub between people of similar political viewpoints in an effort to better understand where these positions come from. Podcasts of all episodes are available below.

Chaos in the Studio


This is me guest hosting my colleague/friend Meg O’Connell’s program, Bright Pods, on 2XX FM a few months ago. The show had a great format whereby a serious interview with an expert (a “bright pod”) is preceded by an elaborate, absurdist introduction.

I lined up an interview with my mate Mat McGann about chaos theory, which he studies as part of his physics PhD. The interview’s pretty good as a 20 minute digest of a cool topic in an irreverent manner (we’ve both worked as professional science communicators) but I’m particularly proud of the intro. It’s done as a live read with no mistakes, covering some pretty wordy content and is basically the apotheosis of my Micalef-inspired sense of humour; you might not think it’s funny but I do.

Even though we’re generally interested in experimenting  science communication nerds can note a few classic techniques:

  • me playing dumb about chaos theory to position myself with the audience;
  • starting with a framing question rather than a direct one (like, what is chaos theory?); and
  • only asking the expert about their particular speciality at the end because researchers are notoriously boring on their own work and better at the more general stuff (Mat excepted).