You Can’t Review That: Foreword

This article series, written by Jamie, appeared in Woroni in the second half of 2011.

I am quite proud of some of the content here, especially the review of a dream I had and, the culmination of my silly self-referential humour, the review of itself. It did also attract some praise and I had more positive feedback for this series than anything I’ve ever done. Interestingly, Myles Barlow had done his Review program the year before though I hadn’t heard of it. In fact I still haven’t seen it but I understand it’s very good and it sounds like something I would love/do.

— Jamie.

The Bible review attracted a few complaints, including one memorable effort from someone who said it was terrible, although they didn’t read beyond the first line. That’s not so bad as the first line was definitely the best.

Note the articles should be read top down, the original release dates of the articles have all been reversed so they appear in the correct order. 

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