Sound Proof: Foreward

Our first podcast was an ambitious undertaking to create 14 episodes from 26 interviews with people from the ANU about concepts we were most interested in at the time. It was basically an excuse to talk to impressive people. On this metric it was a wild success, we had the honour of speaking to David Chalmers, Gareth Evans, Andrew Leigh, Richard Eckersley, Michael Barnsley, Ian Chubb for instance. On the second, arguably more important metric of persistence, it failed.  It went the same way as most podcasts, it podfaded. Then it came back as a “reboot”, then it podfaded again.

This page contains all the episodes of Sound Proof in no particular order. Some have different intros, those are the rebooted episodes.

All episodes have two parts, usually to compare two different approaches to investigating the concept.

Only one of the fourteen episodes have been uploaded. Check back soon for the others.

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