We’ve started several podcast series over the last few years.  Some were professional and paid for, others were done just out of love.

The Twain

Our most recent podcast. In an effort to do something new we invented a science sketch show. Each sketch is inspired by a scientific news story. Our goal is, by poking fun at science, to consider scientific advances or events to be no different to any societal change or event that may happen in the world. Why are some scientific advances taken as gospel by some people but completely ignored by others? Why is science immune from parody or satire? For a discipline that grew out of human curiosity, why is it taken so seriously?

To question science’s position as a ivory-coated unquestionable source of information, and instead to enjoy it as an evolving, intellectually stimulating, fallible, sublime, silly and thoroughly human endeavour.

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This was a short lived podcast series sponsored by ANU. We covered interesting research topics out of the ANU specifically aimed at “potential graduate students and everyone else”. We stitched together interviews with factoids and “audio montages” to explain concepts, the series is our best attempt to imitate RadioLab, in an imitation-is-the-best-form-of-flattery type of way.

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Sound Proof

Our first podcast was a ambitious undertaking to create 14 episodes from 26 interviews with people from the ANU about concepts we were most interested in at the time. It was basically an excuse to talk to impressive people. On this metric it was a wild success, we had the honour of speaking to David Chalmers, Gareth Evans, Andrew Leigh, Richard Eckersley, Michael Barnsley, Ian Chubb for instance. On the second, arguably more important metric of persistence, it failed.  It went the same way as most podcasts, it podfaded. Then it came back as a “reboot”, then it podfaded again.

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