Without hyperbolae

Mathematics supplies us with curves that may avoid the problem of the hook nose.

  • A versoria can be quite blunt, though it’s namesake makes putting it on the face of a prophet hard to countenance.
  • Half a nephroid could be used with its innocuous association with clouds, but its name is half-way to being racist itself.
  • In line with versoria, the Devil’s staircase is a curve that has the benefit of being self-similar but nowhere differentiable.
  • The most exaggerated nose could be achieved with a hyperbola, the infinite length perhaps finally building up enough offense to make the hyperbolic, violent response commensurate.
  • A segment of the fish curve (x(a, ρ),y(a, ρ)) provides an inert symmetric profile, though is probably too pregnant with meaning from a different school of revelation.

In this journey we row and wade through the loci for something in loco nasus but must now abort. Ultimately we find that in roaming this landscape of noses, all noses lead to Roman.